Brimham Truly Rocks

On 19th September 2014, after a morning of fudge and coffee, Zofia and I climbed together at Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire. You can follow Zofia Reych on Twitter and read […]


Bärenquell Brewery: Exploration

This series of photographs was produced as part of my exploration of the abandoned Bärenquell brewery in Schöneweide, Berlin. The photographs constitute more than a record of my adventure; image […]

Misinterpreting Architecture

Misinterpreting Architecture

On Friday 20th December 2013, we walked from Latimer Road to Trellick Tower, seeking out climbs. The city opens itself to the urban climber and our dérive was one that […]


Commercial Pressures

A few months ago I wrote a deliberately provocative article about the inevitable commercialisation of parkour. This polemic was intended to get a response and I was somewhat reassured by […]


Southbank versus Southbank: Façade and Authenticity

The argument over the proposed developments of the South Bank and the consequent relocation of the skaters from the revered Undercroft continues apace. You can read up on the various […]


The Boat

Next month sees the release of Explore Everything; Place-Hacking The City, a book on urban exploration by my friend, occasional cohort and star/villain of the urbex underworld Bradley Garrett. It […]